Health and Safety Program

The health and safety of our personnel, sub-contractors, owners, visitors and the public is of paramount importance to the senior management of Goldbar Contractors.

Health and safety is one of the foremost components in the planning and implementation of projects. Our Health and Safety program has been designed to meet with all current OHS and recommended ACSA standards and practices for commercial projects. Our Health and Safety program is highly flexible and is adaptive to industrial health and safety standards.

All project managers and project site foreman are held accountable for project safety performance. Our work sites are subject to regular detailed safety inspections, results which are communicated directly back to senior management.

All of our foreman and project managers have attained certification in the Alberta Construction Safety Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE) course or are in the process of attaining this qualification and are well trained in the implementation of the company health and safety program both at field level and in the planning of projects.


“Goldbar Contractors Inc. is firmly dedicated to the continual upgrading and development of the health and safety program, and operates in a spirit of cooperation with owners, consultants, general contractors and all GCI employees to provide an exceptional program, and to provide the safest possible working environment.”

Eldon Campbell

President, Goldbar Contractors Inc.

10 Rules for Workplace Safety

1: You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others. 3: Do not take short cuts. ¬†Always follow the rules. 5: Use the right tools & equipment and use them the proper way. 7: Never wear loose clothes or slippery footwear. 9: Practice good housekeeping. 2: All accidents are preventable 4: If you are not trained, don’t do it. 6: Assess the risks before you approach your work. 8: Do not indulge in horseplay while at work. 10: Always wear PPEs.